Bird Free in ready-to-use dishes: effective, yet discreet.
Birds see ultraviolet light so Bird Free appears to them as fire. In April 2011, when the first UK reports emerged of the remarkable abilities of Bird Free to deter birds, even from long-standing nesting sites, the press dubbed it ‘fire gel’. Bird Free ready-to-use dishes are low-profile (8mm high), and quick and easy to apply.

Bird Free is recognised throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa as an effective, yet unobtrusive, bird control method: well-known installations sites in Europe include Paddington and King’s Cross stations in London, Glasgow City Chambers, Volkswagen and Airbus plants in Germany, the Chateau de Chambord and Lutyens’ Thiepval Memorial in France, the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, the Vondelpark in Amsterdam and the Calais Chamber of Commerce, where it is keeping the gulls away. Please see latest case studies at

Bird Free keeps all birds off all structures without harming them. It does so by altering their behaviour, not by acting as a physical barrier. Birds will completely desert a habitat, even one they have been using for years, once Bird Free has been applied.

Bird Free gel is applied in low-profile application dishes, only 8mm high. One of its distinct advantages is that it deters birds from landing even when these dishes are placed behind the leading edge of a parapet or ledge. This makes the dishes of Bird Free invisible from ground level, thus preserving the aesthetic appearance of the building, while at the same time keeping it clean.

Bird Free is quick and easy to install. It can be used indoors or outdoors and causes no damage to buildings or structures. Because of its firm texture, Bird Free can be applied vertically, or even upside down, without running.

Bird Free has been installed at thousands of commercial sites worldwide. These include airports, government offices, sports stadiums, railway stations, hospitals, factories, pylons, bridges, historic buildings, and many other locations where birds had previously been a nuisance or a health hazard.

Especially formulated to be durable, even in the most exposed locations, Bird Free is not adversely affected by extremes of temperature, nor by wind, rain or snow.

Bird Free’s deterrent effect on birds is long-lasting. Left undisturbed, it will remain completely effective for at least three years after proper installation, even in the most exposed environment. Most installations will remain effective for considerably longer.

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The reaction of pigeons to Bird Free

Four years after installation

Client testimonial after four years.

Flexible: 小島Bird Free will not run when applied to steeply pitched surfaces.