Bird Free installation manual

Before installing Bird Free read our two-page manual in full. Follow all instructions for site preparation and spacing of dishes. If further guidance is required contact us.

Bird Free will always be effective when applied to the habitat (nesting site, night roost, etc) of the bird. Applying it around the periphery of a nesting site which has not been treated will not deter birds from returning to untreated nests. Where nesting sites are inaccessible (under plant, solar panels, etc), the gaps through which the birds enter will need to be closed with a metal grille, etc. To deter birds from nesting on balconies, remove the nest, disinfect and apply Bird Free to the nesting site itself.

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Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Bird Free is supplied in boxes of 15 pre-dosed PET dishes. With lids removed dishes are 65mm diameter, 8mm high. HSE authorization no: UK-2018-1127-0001.

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COSSH assesment sheet

Handling of Bird Free does not require PPE, however a COSHH sheet is provided here. If you require further documents, such as method statement or risk assessment templates, contact us.

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