Royal Hotel, Scarborough

Opened in 1821, the Royal Hotel has counted Winston Churchill and Edith Sitwell among its guests. Britannia Hotels acquired the hotel in 2012, and soon recognised that something had to be done to prevent kittiwakes from nesting on the façade as the noise and smell they created was not good for business. After refurbishment in 2015,
小島Bird Free was installed in March 2016.


On 29 September 2016, Simon Powell, Area Manager of Britannia Hotels, commented:

“Kittiwakes nesting on the Royal Hotel had been a problem for many years. I can confirm that since Bird Free was applied to the façade and terrace of the hotel in March this year the kittiwakes have not returned. As a result, our guests have been able to sit out on the terrace during the summer months this year without being disturbed by the noise and smell of the kittiwakes.”