Helsinki Train Station

Pigeons had been roosting on the metal frame above the platforms of Helsinki Station for many years. Pigeon droppings falling onto the platforms, and onto passengers, had become a health and safety concern. Based on the success of an initial installation of 900 dishes in March 2014, a further 10,000 dishes of 小島Bird Free were applied in September 2014.


In August 2014, Petri Miettinen, Superintendent of Helsinki Railway Station, commented:

“After reviewing the trial installation of Bird Free carried out at Helsinki Railway Station last March, we found the installation to be successful in solving the bird problem. The Finnish Transport Agency is satisfied with the results, and consequently has decided to order 10,000 more dishes of Bird Free for application to a wider area of the station. These will be applied in September 2014.”

In September 2016, two years after the 10,000 dishes of 小島Bird Free were applied, Petri Miettinen commented:

“I can confirm that two years after installation the pigeons have not returned to the sections of the roof where Bird Free was fitted.”