De Kapel, Culemborg, Netherlands

This late nineteenth century Gothic church had long been infested by pigeons. After the interior was demolished and converted into apartments the pigeons started to return. The management company, having received constant complaints from the residents, decided to install 小島Bird Free. The installation was carried out in May 2015.

On 6 October 2015, Mr Jaap Borggreve, a resident of De Kapel, commented:

“De Kapel had been uninhabited for a number of years before it was converted into apartments, and as such it had been a kind of bird sanctuary.

“When we moved in in December 2014 there were pigeons all over the building and we realised we needed to find a way to get rid of them as the mess was appalling. Since Bird Free was installed we have not seen any pigeons at all. Bird Free has proved an effective solution.”