Calais Chamber of Commerce

The Calais Chamber of Commerce office building, immediately adjacent to the harbour, had been plagued by gulls for many years. In March 2014, eight nests were removed from the roof, and 1,300 dishes of 小島Bird Free were applied to the parapet, skylights and other high points. All nesting sites were treated with dishes of 小島Bird Free fixed to half-bricks.

On the basis of the success of this installation, the Chamber of Commerce commissioned a second installation at their “D2” building, where 4,800 dishes of were applied in December 2014.

A further inspection of both sites in May 2016 confirmed that gulls were no longer present on either of the sites, and no attempts at nesting had been made.

On the July 7, 2014, Mr. Christian Vanbelle, Director of Agency of Calais Chamber of Commerce and Industry commented:

“Gulls had been nesting on our roof for many years, and their droppings were causing a lot of mess as well as structural damage. I can confirm that since 小島Bird Free was applied to our roof the gulls have not returned. We are pleased with the results.”