Bristol Temple Meads Station

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Bristol Temple Meads Station was opened in 1840. It is owned and managed by Network Rail. The entrance of the station is covered by more than 150m of glass canopy, below which are many architectural features (thrush bearings, hoppers, drainpipes, ledges and cills) on which pigeons used to roost and nest. Between 28-30 July 2014, 5,000 dishes of 小島Bird Free were installed under the glass canopy. Two further inspections of the site were made in May and December 2015, during which no pigeons were observed. Due to the success of this installation, a further installation of 3,600 dishes of 小島Bird Free was fitted to a separate part of the station in September 2015.

On 29 May 2015, ten months after installation of 小島Bird Free, Jonathan Curnow, Bristol Temple Meads Station Manager, commented:

“Prior to installation of Bird Free the mess created by pigeons roosting below the glass canopies in front of the station meant that we had to undertake frequent cleaning of the unsightly pigeon droppings.

“Based on a recommendation from the manager of Paddington Station, where Bird Free has proved an effective pigeon deterrent since 2011, all roosting sites below the glass canopies were treated with Bird Free at the end of July 2014. Since then, we have never seen any pigeons roosting below the canopies. It’s fair to say we are completely satisfied with the results.”