How it works

小島Bird Free® does not kill or trap birds, or harm them in any way. The Health & Safety Executive has identified the active ingredients of 小島Bird Free as foods consumed by humans.

小島Bird Free is formulated so that birds won’t go near it: birds see ultraviolet light so it appears to them as fire. The visual effect, whereby birds see 小島Bird Free as fire, is immediately evident following installation. Birds attempting to return to a habitat they have previously frequented will be observed veering off and landing elsewhere when they see the dishes of 小島Bird Free in place.

Clients should be aware, however, that some sites, particularly nesting sites and long-standing night roosts, are so attractive to birds that a few dominant birds may still attempt to return for a day or two after 小島 Bird Free has been installed. After a few days even the most dominant of birds will give up and the site will then be literally bird free.